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Volumetric Concrete Edinburgh

Volumetric Concrete Edinburgh

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Centrally located in Penicuik, Beatson’s Concrete have numerous Volumetric Concrete Mixers serving Edinburgh and the Lothians.
We are Scotland’s largest 3rd party accredited Volumetric Concrete supplier. Our high-quality concrete is mixed on-site to your exact specifications.

What you can expect when ordering from Beatsons Concrete Edinburgh:

• Fully trained and knowledgeable operators
• Concrete mixed fresh on site.
• The ability to provide different concrete mixes per delivery.
• Concrete can be directly poured or barrowed to where you need it.
• Super-fast turnaround without the rush from bulk deliveries.

Industries Beatson’s Concrete Serve:

Beatson’s Concrete (Edinburgh) supply both commercial and domestic concrete customers.
Some of the industries we serve include the energy sector where our C35/45 & C40/50 strength concrete mixes can be used for bases of wind turbines and other heavy-duty applications. C28/35 strength concrete is suited to reinforced house foundations, retaining walls, and storage areas for agriculture.
All strengths of domestic concrete (ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4 and ST5) can be delivered direct to your home or garden. This can be poured or barrowed to where you need it.

We can advise and supply concrete for various applications such as:
• Driveways and kerbing
• Retaining walls
• Garage flooring
• Greenhouse bases
• Patios
• Shed bases

As all our concrete is mixed fresh on-site from our Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Domestic Customers

Construction work, depending on the complexity, can involve an architect who would advise on the strength of concrete to use. If you’re doing a project without enlisting an architect or similar professional, the strengths of concretes available can be confusing. To help you order the correct type, there is guidance available on our concrete products page.

If you’re unsure about how much concrete you may need, you can use our concrete calculator to find out how much cubic meters or cubic feet you’d require.
Should you have any questions, we have a team of experts available at our Concrete depot in Edinburgh Tel: 0131 603 5300

Where and How We Deliver

All Concrete orders in Edinburgh and The Lothians are controlled from our Penicuik depot.

Outwith Edinburgh, Beatson’s Concrete have a further four depots located throughout Scotland. With a current fleet of 8 Volumetric Concrete Mixers we are able to deliver a total capacity of 250m³ daily. (location dependent).

All our Operators are fully-trained and skilled in concrete mixing.
All our vehicles are regularly calibrated to maintain consistent high-quality concrete mixes.

Concrete Deliveries at Irregular Hours

We understand projects can require irregular deliveries of quality concrete for emergency works such as road repairs, or construction work that require a supply of concrete outside of normal operational hours.

Beatson’s Commercial Concrete Deliveries can be arranged for anytime, anywhere.

Quality Assured Ready-Mixed Concrete with 3rd Party Certification

At Beatson’s Concrete we take pride in the quality of our product.
Our quality control processes and team ethic are based on ensuring every customer, trade, commercial or domestic receive a superior product and service.
As such, we are extremely proud to be BSI Kitemark Certified in recognition of our commitment to quality ready-mixed concrete and customer service. Beatson’s Concrete have been independently assessed for quality and comply with both EU and UK quality standards.
Contact Beatson’s Concrete Edinburgh Depot on 0131 603 5300 to discuss your requirements.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete Edinburgh

Our Service

Dedicated Sales Team

Dedicated Sales Team





Complete Peace of Mind

Complete Peace of Mind

British Standards Institution (BSI) – Kitemark

British Standards Institution (BSI) – Kitemark

Beatsons Concrete carry the prestigious BSI Kitemark. This means we have been independently assessed against British and European standards, and uphold the highest levels of quality and service. We are regularly tested & audited to ensure we never falter on our soaring standards.

You can now be even more certain that when you choose Beatson’s, you’ll enjoy reduced risk and complete confidence in our products and service.

Advantages of Volumetric ...

Advantages of Volumetric ...

  • Only pay for what you use (Minimum 1m3 charge)
  • All concrete is mixed fresh on site.
  • The specifications can be changed during the pour.
  • Multiple mixes available on one delivery.
  • No part load charges.
  • Barrow service available.
  • Extra time given to offload compared to drum mixer services.
  • 5mtr reach from rear of truck.
  • Low cost out of hours prices.
Disadvantages of Drum Mixer ...

Disadvantages of Drum Mixer ...

  • You have to pay for bulk loads.
  • Concrete is not fresh when arriving to site.
  • Concrete specification cannot be changed as it is mixed.
  • Only one type of concrete delivered on each delivery.
  • Expensive part load charges.
  • No barrow service available.
  • Less time to offload the concrete.
  • Limited reach with no swivel.
  • Expensive call out charges.
  • Expensive return charges.

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